Design Process

Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.



Design Process

Based on discussion and feedback I refine one option (or keep working to find a solution).

 Final Review
The final option is reviewed in detail and applied to agreed applications. Any adjustments that need to be made are completed during this process.

Once the final invoice has been paid, the deliverables (files or printed material) are emailed/sent to the client.





Brand Value
I work with the client to come up with words that best describe the value/characteristics of their organization, product, or service.

To meet the goals of the project I research potential competitors, the target audience, inspiration and other relevant visuals related to the brand values. This is where we will establish an overall direction for look and feel.

This portion of the process is a discovery phase where different ideas and options are explored.

Once sketching is complete I take the final options, translate those to digital format and present the client with a presentation showing how the brand will work and how it meets the goals





It is my resposibility to understand what the project will require and what value it will add before discussing a price. 

I base my fee on the hours I estimate the project will take, and therefore it varies. Having time-tracked previous project I have a good idea of how long each aspect in the process takes.

What I charge should be seen as an investment you’ll be making in your own business.