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The best projects are born from great trust. I want my clients to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience as we work together bringing their project to life. Through communication and insight I help my clients to define their brand and to translate their ideas into a graphic identity that leaves a lasting impression. The clients I choose to work with bring passion and dedication to the process whilst I provide the structure and expertise.


Creative Process


First of all I work with the client to gain insight into the target audience, the brand values/personality and the value proposal of the organisation, product or service. This requires a bit of soul searching and thinking by both of us! (But its worth it as it sets a really solid ground for further work).

To meet the goals of the project I research potential competitors, the target audience, inspiration and other relevant visuals related to the brand values. This is where we will establish an overall direction for look and feel.

This portion of the process is a discovery phase where different ideas and options are explored.

Once sketching is complete I take the final options, translate those to digital format and present the client with a presentation showing how the brand will work and how it meets the goals.

Based on discussion and feedback I refine one option (or keep working to find a solution).

 Final Review
The final option is reviewed in detail and applied to agreed applications. Any adjustments that need to be made are completed during this process.

Once the final invoice has been paid, the deliverables (files or printed material) are emailed/sent to the client.

Understanding your project

Each client has different needs so before sending a proposal I aim to understand more about your project and goals. I do this firstly through the form (on the contact page) and secondly through conversations, usually over coffee or via email/Skype. This helps me judge if am the best fit for your project and vice versa.

 Establishing goals, expectations and roles

The next step in the creative process is to set up expectations and outline our roles in the project. The client should feel confident in my ability to create branding that fulfils the set requirements and I need to feel confident that the client will provide those requirements.

The professional relationship and trust built with my clients is the building stone to a successful project. I want to know who you are and that you get to know me too. This way none of us are dealing with a stranger but someone we trust - and that is how great work gets made.

If we are in agreement after the process above I will provide a proposal followed by a letter of agreement. If you decide to work with me we will launch into the creative process. 




Great branding reaches its peak when the printed materials shine. Business cards, presentation folders, posters or notepads, whatever it is I always aim to find the right paper and finish for each specific project and budget.

As part of my branding services I offer to translate the graphic identity into a beautiful, functional and responsive website. I happily  work on newsletters, social media set-up and apps as well. 

It can be re-branding an already established business or creating a new graphic identity with everything from core values to the name.

Illustrations used on their own as images or as part of branding - usually in the shape of icons or supporting graphics, it ads loads of charm and character.